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What Happens at Furry Conventions

    At furry conventions, a diversity of activities take place.

    In the first place, it’s a convention – there are a lot of people wandering around, registering, meeting people, meeting old friends, making new ones, sharing memorable moments, or simply enjoying the ambiance.

    Individuals dressed in fursuits going about the convention halls, being nice and things, hugging people, and posing for photographs

    The majority of furries (particularly fursuiters) are quite nice and huggable. If you want a hug or a photo with someone, be sure to communicate your desires clearly, either by asking or by using body language. The majority of people will be delighted to oblige.

    In addition, there is the practise of floor cuddling, which is more common in semi-public locations, usually at smaller gatherings (say less than 2,500 people). There, furry friends may naturally construct piles of commotion and cuddling for mutual comfort and enjoyment. After all, they are creatures of the wild.

    slightly related but not quite — furries cause general mayhem in the halls, typically accompanied by video cameras — furries may impulsively embark on an adventure as someone else follows them with a video camera. Adventures may take place around the hotel and hosting area, or they may take place in a single location where furries pile on top of one another as cameras molest them. You almost have to see it to believe it:)

    There are rules that must be followed, and the majority of them are simple sense, such as respecting the furries, the hosting space, the hotel staff, and your fellow attendees. More particular are the following: no unapproved media reporters from outside the organisation are permitted, as the press has not always been friendly to furries. No leashing is permitted — despite the fact that furries are considered “animals,” it is normally not permitted to have one on a leash within hotel grounds. Some people believe it is necessary for the “safety” of people walking on leashes, which I believe is nonsense, and others believe it is necessary because some (non-furry) people may become upset when they see people walking on leashes and make associations with BDSM and sex and other such things, leading to them becoming confused and becoming uncomfortable.

    When you arrive, there will be a dealers room, which is typically a large ballroom with tables where you can wander around and look at things, try them on, and buy them.

    Games, seminars, and dances are all available for furry fans.

    Dances! Every night, huge raves with lights, DJs, loud music, lights, fursuits, and other craziness take place. This is not something to be attempted by the faint of heart! In my travels, I’ve been to a variety of venues such as dance clubs, music festivals, and circuit parties, each of which has its own appeal… but there’s something magical about walking into a vast room full of human-like animals who are dancing and humming to music. It can be a frightening and daunting experience. But only for a short period of time. You’ll be able to join in the excitement as soon as the main lights are turned off and the rave lights are turned on, as long as your body is moving.

    Parties. Room parties, which can be either public or private, are held from time to time. In most cases, public ones are sponsored by the convention, and are most commonly reserved for higher sponsoring membership levels rather than merely the “attending” membership levels. Occasionally, there are smaller-scale con room hangouts, such as the “con room,” where individuals may relax and perhaps have a drink or two.

    Private room parties are when someone decides to organise a party for their friends, or sometimes for friends and acquaintances, in their own home. According to my observations, they can be of a variety of types (straight co-ed drinking party, male-only gay-ish cuddle party, co-ed fetish party with whips and everything), but they are always chaotic and insane. What level of craziness and irrationality? Something like this is something I can’t put into words… I’ve hosted a lot of parties, but I’d never had as much fun as I did at a furry party until now.

    Room hangouts are common when a group of friends is rooming together. Individuals will hang out in the room, occasionally inviting friends over, and personal cuddling parties with only a few people may take place.

    So that’s all there is to it for now. Invariably, something is happening someplace at any given time.

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