These yellow to orange blossoms make a beautiful container plant or garden edging. Sow seeds in your garden after the last frost or indoors six to eight weeks before.


Colorful spring and summer perennials. They self-seed and require little care. Columbine needs well-drained soil to grow.


Cosmos are summer-blooming cut flowers. Self-seeding annuals. They're low-fuss blooms that can survive poor soil.


The fragrant afternoon-blooming blooms are named such. Midsummer through October, they prefer wet soil. Water flowers during dry spells.

Four O'Clocks

Annuals like marigolds require yearly planting. If deadheaded, they'll bloom all summer. Save end-of-season seeds to replant next year.


Once established, the plant will self-seed and return each year. Use a low-nitrogen fertiliser monthly or as needed during the growing season.

Morning Glories 

These blooms are ideal sun ground cover. Drought-tolerant and low-maintenance. As long as the soil drains well, they're deer-resistant and pest- and disease-free.

Moss Rose 

Edible leaves and blossoms are added to salads. Their aroma and colours make them popular as cut flowers. Nasturtiums can endure poor and dry soil, but they need regular watering.


In summer, trim back the plants by half. This may encourage fall blossoming. Or sow fall-blooming seeds in August.

Sweet Alyssum

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