Signs and Symptoms of Vitamin C Deficiency

Abnormally bent, coiled, or corkscrew-shaped body hairs are an indication of vitamin C insufficiency, but they tend to fall off.


Concave spoon-shaped nails are thin and fragile. They're linked to iron deficiency anaemia and vitamin C deficiency. Nail bed spots or lines,


Low vitamin C intake is linked to dry, sun-damaged skin, but there are additional causes.


Blood vessels under the skin rupture to cause bruising. Vitamin C insufficiency creates weak blood vessels, which promotes easy bruising.


Vitamin C deficiency slows wound healing by affecting tissue development. This is a late sign of deficiency, therefore other symptoms may show sooner.


Vitamin C deficiency causes painful joints. Bleeding in the joints can cause painful swelling.


Vitamin C shortage can harm bones. Low intake increases fracture and osteoporosis risk. A vitamin C shortage can exacerbate bone loss, according to research.


Vitamin C boosts immunity. Low vitamin C levels increase the risk of infection, and severe insufficiency can be fatal.


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