The Giant Forest is exactly that. You'll feel small walking among these massive trees. This trail leads to the General Sherman Tree, the world's largest tree by volume (1,385 tonnes)

The granite dome, rising 400 stone steps above the Giant Forest, offers some of the park's best views.

Tour tickets are available at the Foothills Visitor Center or Lodgepole. In the summer, the cave is only open to stalactite and stalagmite enthusiasts.

The lovely lake between Grant Grove and Kings Canyon was built to supply a flume. It's now a swimming and paddling area.

The High Sierra Trail begins in Sequoia National Park. The park recommends 6 days (10 miles per day) to enjoy the views from Mount Whitney.

You can reach it via the Kings Canyon Scenic Byway. The best time to visit is in the spring.

This was at the top and gave you a spectacular view of the roaring river and the towering mountains.

Our next stop was the Kings Canyon Scenic Byway (180), where we could see the canyon from both above and below.

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