Brendan Langley, a former Denver Broncos third-round pick currently with the Calgary Stampeders, fought at the airport recently. A video of the incident has gone viral online.

Whatever prompted the witness to start filming, it appears the United Airlines employee leaves his job to fight Langley.

United Airlines employee assaults Langley, who fights back.

After getting hit by Langley, the United employee returns like a woozy boxer trying to go one more round. The two argue before breaking up.

This video was popular in the previous 24 hours. As of this writing, the original Twitter video has 12 million views.

Longer footage uploaded on Twitter shows Langley and United employee becoming physical before popular clip.

It's unclear what drove the employee to leave his post and get physical with Langley. All concerned are unhappy.

Langley was taken in the third round as a cornerback, switched to wide receiver, and is now back at cornerback.

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