With 16 calories per 100 grammes, cucumber is the ideal weight-loss snack. This works as a salad, cold soup, or smoothie. Cucumbers are one of the most hydrating vegetables.


A celery stick is mostly water and fibre, which helps you feel full. A 100-gram serving has 16 calories, vitamin C, A, K, and antioxidants.


Mushrooms provide flavour to stir-fry, pizza, and soup. A cup of mushrooms provides 15 calories. Vitamin D helps absorb the calcium in pizza cheese.


A 100-gram serving of cabbage, whether as sabzi or soup, contains 25 calories. The leafy green provides anti-cancer vitamins, folate, and manganese.


Zucchini slices reduce pasta's fat content. A 100-gram serving provides 17 calories. Zucchini is rich in omega-3s, zinc, niacin, and vitamins.


Popeye chose wisely. This nourishing green is satisfying. The component thylakoid in spinach slows fat digestion, lowering appetite and food cravings, especially in men.


This zesty delight is one of the 'healthiest foods' with 17 calories per 100 grammes. Lycopene prevents cancer and heart disease in tomatoes.


This sweet snack offers 30 calories per 100 grammes. Watermelon increases metabolism and includes antioxidants.


Papaya has 43 calories per 100-gram serving, yet it's so full you'll eat less at your next meal.


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