Miniature horses are small. It's two-tiered. Tallest is 9.5 hands (38 inches). Miniature horses are rarely rideable.

Miniature Horse

Argentine Falabella tiny horses. Andalusian and Iberian ancestry. The Falabella family intentionally bred miniature horses to produce this breed. Due to their manageable size and trainability, falabellas are guide animals.


Shetlands are smart, robust, and brave. They're gentle and good with kids. Shetland horses were utilised in agriculture and mines.

Shetland Pony

Yonaguni is another rare Japanese miniature horse. Yonaguni, Okinawa. Originally used for agriculture chores and transportation.


Strong, compact Icelandic horses are 3 inches shorter than average. Larger than ponies, but with shorter legs. These horses are employed to herd sheep and maintain flocks.

Icelandic Horse

The fjord horse is a tiny breed. Norwegian. Fjords average 54 inches, 6 inches shorter than a horse. This breed works on highlands and farms.

Fjord Horse

Haflinger horses are from Austria's Haflige area. The horse is 3 inches shorter than the average at 56 inches. Beautiful, smart, muscular, compact horse.

Haflinger Horse

In Iowa in the 1050s, Arabian, Appaloosa, and Shetland ponies were crossed to create the pony of the Americas. It's a gorgeous spotted pony. 

Pony of the Americas

American quarter ponies help young riders graduate from a pony to a first small horse. It looks like a quarter horse but is a different breed.

American Quarter Pony

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