Berries reduce blood sugar. Berries decreased post-meal blood sugar levels in overweight and obese persons with insulin resistance.


Nuts and seeds prevent blood sugar increases since they contain three macronutrients. 2 ounces of almonds may lower blood sugar and insulin after meals, according to Metabolism.

Nuts and seeds

Hyper-sweetened teas and sugary drinks can cause blood sugar surges, so replace them with no-sugar options. Bone broth is carbohydrate- and sugar-free.

Bone broth

The simplest way to control blood glucose is to avoid additional sugars like candy, pastries, ice cream, and soda. But what about carbohydrates like rice, bread, pasta, crackers, and the like?

Proteins and fat

Albertson believes cinnamon can lower blood sugar through reducing insulin resistance. Several studies suggest the spice may reduce fasting blood sugar by 10 to 20%.


Broccoli may lower blood sugar levels. A study discovered that eating broccoli sprouts lowered blood sugar in diabetics. 


Some strategies can help you cut cereal's carb level and make it diabetes-friendly. Warm cereal: Oatmeal, quinoa, or a whole-grain combination.

High-fiber cereal

Garlic supplements reduce hypertension patients' blood pressure similarly to first-line medicines.


Cacao contains flavonoids. These nutrients lower blood pressure, increase brain and heart blood flow, and prevent blood clots.


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