Fruit, veggies, legumes, and whole grains contain fibre. Fiber is digested in the large intestine, unlike other meals. Food ferments in the big intestine.
Fullness slows digestion

Eat more fiber

People who know how to cook are more likely to eat fruit and vegetables, which are fantastic for weight loss.

Boost your cooking skills

Protein is required for development and metabolism. Protein boosts fullness and delays hunger.

Eat more protein

Probiotics aid digestion. Recent research reveals probiotics can affect weight, fat mass, and mood. Humans feed these bacteria, including fibre.

Try a probiotic

Sleep is important for health and weight maintenance. Poor sleep affects metabolism-related hormones. Less than 6 hours of sleep a night can lead to obesity.

Get more sleep

Stress can affect hormone balance. The body creates glucocorticoids when stressed. Too much glucocorticoids might cause weight gain by increasing appetite.

Reduce stress

Sunlight and various foods provide vitamin D. Egg yolks, fatty salmon, mushrooms, and fortified meals contain vitamin D.

Get more vitamin D

When people offer food, they usually eat it all. They could cut calories by reducing plate size or meal intake.

Use a smaller plate

Eating a healthy lunch with family can help manage weight. Home cooking reduces sugar and fat. 

Have family meals

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