A healthy breakfast can help you avoid bingeing later in the day. High-protein, high-fiber diets may suppress appetite.

Healthy Breakfast

Walking helps after bingeing. It can assist promote stomach emptying, reduce body fat, and enhance your mood.

Go for a Walk

Sleep deprivation causes overeating. It may affect hunger hormones. Sleep 7 to 9 hours per night.

Sleep It Off

Water helps you lose weight, reduce calorie consumption, and enhance resting energy expenditure.

Stay Hydrated

Yoga may decrease emotional eating by lowering stress, melancholy, and anxiety.

Try Yoga

After a binge, eat vegetables. High-fiber foods may encourage weight loss and fullness.

Fill up on Veggies

After a binge, you may not want to arrange dinner. Skipping meals may impede your progress and increase cravings, leading to another binge.

Avoid Skipping Meals

Mindful eating can help stop bingeing. Mindfulness reduces binge and emotional eating. It may minimise later-day meal intake.

Mindfully eat

Protein-rich foods can regulate hunger, appetite, and fullness. Protein affects hunger hormones like ghrelin.

Increase Protein Intake

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