"The sunshine vitamin" is Vitamin D. Our skin's cholesterol creates vitamin D in the sun. The amount of vitamin D your body makes depends on skin tone, exposed body parts, age, etc.


Fatty fish and seafood are vitamin D rich. Many seafoods include heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids.


Vitamin D exclusively comes from mushrooms. Mushrooms generate vitamin D from UV radiation, like humans.


Egg yolks are a typical source of vitamin D that may simply be incorporated into a person's everyday diet.

Egg yolks

Vitamin D is added to several foods to boost their nutrition. This is fortification. Vitamin D-enriched foods include: soy, almond, hemp

Fortified foods

Swiss cheese, cow's milk, curds, and cottage cheese are some examples of dairy products that are excellent sources of vitamin D.

Dairy foods

A spoonful of cod liver oil has 1360 vitamin D units. Warm cod liver oil or pills may boost vitamin D levels.

cod liver oil

Many people find that taking a vitamin D supplement is the best approach to assure proper consumption. It's crucial to get high-quality, independently-tested supplements.


Walking, jogging, and cycling daily raises Vitamin D levels, according to research.

Daily exercise

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