Pet owners may have healthier hearts. Pet owners have a lower risk of heart disease and heart failure.

Help Your Heart

Few minutes with a dog or cat or watching fish swim might relieve stress. Your body changes during that time, affecting your mood.

Mood Boost

Weight watchers and exercisers must continue. Pets can lower blood pressure. Lower blood pressure and heart Petting a dog lowered their blood pressure, according to a study.

Better Blood Pressure

Pet owners may have lower cholesterol. Pet owners have lower cholesterol and triglycerides than non-pet owners. Unknown reason. Pets' busy lifestyle may be a factor.

Lower Cholesterol

Pets love unconditionally. It may assist with depression. Your pet will listen while you converse. Petting a cat or dog may relax you.

Ease Depression

Having a dog makes you more active than without. A daily 30-minute dog walk helps you stay active. Two 15-minute walks in the morning and evening are the same.

Boost Your Fitness

Some dogs can warn their owners beforehand. They may smell chemical changes in the body. Alarm provides owner time to eat to avert emergency.


Specially trained dogs help Parkinson's patients maintain independence. They can retrieve dropped objects or those you request. 

More Independence

Walking your dog improves your bones and surrounding muscles. It allows vitamin D-rich sunbathing.

Stronger Bones

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