Orange juice is a breakfast staple. It's a healthy way to start the day. 100 IU Vitamin D are in 1 cup orange juice.

Orange juice

Cod liver oil is an omega-3 source. Vitamin D is also abundant. You can acquire cod liver oil capsules to get Vitamin D and Omega 3 fatty acids.

Cod liver oil

Many enjoy salmon. High-fat content makes it rich in Vitamin D. 1kg fish provides 80% of your Vitamin D. Omega 3 fatty acids are good for bones, joints, and overall bodily health.


Superfood milk contains Vitamin D. Milk provides 20% of your Vitamin D needs. As a fat-soluble vitamin, skimming milk removes Vitamin D.


Only mushrooms contain Vitamin D. Sunlight makes mushrooms an excellent source of Vitamin D. White or shiitake mushrooms contain Vitamin D.


Ricotta is the only milk product with Vitamin D. Five times more Vitamin D than other cheeses. Ricotta cheese is created from leftover sheep, goat, or cow milk whey.

Ricotta Cheese

Salami and ham are abundant in Vitamin D and salt, which lowers cholesterol. Limit salami and ham consumption.


Most bran cereals have 131 IU of Vitamin D, whereas flavoured ones have 11 IU. For long-term health benefits, choose health over taste.


Eggs contain tiny quantities of Vitamin D. One egg provides 10% of the daily Vitamin D needs. Vitamin D


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