Antioxidant-rich fruits can reduce belly fat, lipids, and body weight, according to a Journal of Medicinal Food study.


Red grapes contain resveratrol, which reduces body fat and boosts fat breakdown. More red grapes eaten, more fat broken down.

Red Grapes

Red wine comes from dark grapes. Two glasses of red wine can help you lose weight, say researchers.

Red Wine

Hazelnuts are a fantastic anti-inflammatory and monounsaturated fat-rich snack.


Add cinnamon to overnight oats or smoothies. Cinnamaldehyde, the essential oil that gives cinnamon its flavour, helps burn fat, according to a research.


Sweet potatoes will keep you full longer, reducing your snacking. Sweet potatoes contain carotenoids.

Sweet Potatoes

Green tea shrinks fat cells and burns belly fat.Green tea's EGCG component boosted fat oxidation in the subjects.

Green Tea

Greek yoghurt is high in protein, and when digested, the amino acid phenylalanine reduces appetite via altering the gut and brain. Weight loss follows.

Greek Yogurt

Chocolate boosts the body's ability to make a fatty acid that switches off inflammatory genes and increases fat burning.

Dark Chocolate

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