Macaws are huge pet birds from Central and South America. Smart, too. These social parrots may be trained to communicate, perch, imitate, and many other things.


African greys can converse, mimic noises, and learn colours and counting with a little training.

African Grey Parrots

Amazon parrots are trainable across subspecies. Stocky birds with tough personalities are also gregarious and smart.

Amazon Parrots

Cockatoos are very trainable. They all have a head crest that they raise in fear, excitement, and aggression.


Despite their size, budgerigars may be trained to talk and do tricks. Budgies, or parakeets, can learn up to 200 words and are much quieter than their larger cousins.


Mynah birds aren't as popular as other birds as pets, but they can be obtained. These bright birds need mental stimulation and space to roam, yet they're easy to tame.

Mynah Birds

The cockatiel's trainability is sometimes underestimated due to its popularity in pet stores. It's larger than a budgerigar and can mimic, converse, and do tricks.


Conures are gregarious, active, and quick learners. Younger conures are simpler to educate than older ones, however many species use their feet to pick things up, thus some can learn tricks.


Indian ringneck parrots are trainable and have higher-pitched vocals than other birds.

Indian Ringnecks

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