Letting yourself feel ravenously hungry increases the likelihood that you'll choose low-quality, quick-energy items over healthy ones.

Eat more often

Staying hydrated reduces hunger and sweet cravings. Sipping water all day will help your body recognise when it's hungry.

Drink more water

The more complete foods you consume and meal prep you do at home, the easier it will be to avoid processed meals and still feel full.

Eat fresh instead of processed foods

When buying packaged goods, examine labels. Sugar is added if it's stated as an ingredient. Naturally occurring sugar and added sugar are both sugar, but the reason we eat so much is because it's added to so many things unnecessarily.

Read labels

Cinnamon, nutmeg, and turmeric can replace sweeteners in meals. Nandi advises sugar-free coffee with cinnamon.

Spice things up

Tiredness makes the body vulnerable, and most of us are. "You're fatigued and assume simple carbs would give you instant energy,"

Get enough sleep

It's easier on your body and more realistic to do it slowly. Psychologically, tapering off sugar slowly will help you quit using it as a crutch.

Cut back slowly

Food makers use sugar while reducing fat to maintain flavour. Nandi: "You're undermining the purpose." When you eat simple sugars, your body converts them to fat.

Avoid low- and nonfat foods

What's off-limits? eat what? Fresh produce are healthful snacks. When you're produce-weary,

 Eat these healthy snacks instead

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