Salmon, mackerel are good for skin. Omega-3 fatty acids are vital for skin health . Omega-3 fatty acids help maintain thick, moist skin. Omega-3 insufficiency causes dry skin.

Fatty fish

Healthy fats abound in avocados. Fats help various biological functions, including skin health. These fats make skin flexible and moist.


Walnuts are an excellent skin-healthy food. Essential fatty acids are fats your body can't make. They have more omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids than most nuts.


Nuts and seeds are healthy for skin. 1 ounce (28 grammes) of sunflower seeds has 49% of the DV for vitamin E, 41% for selenium, 14% for zinc, and 5.5 grammes of protein.

Sunflower seeds

It's provitamin A, thus it can be turned into vitamin A. Sweet potatoes are a good source of beta carotene, which acts as a natural sunblock.

Sweet potatoes

Bell peppers include antioxidants beta carotene and vitamin C. Vitamin C helps make collagen, a skin-strengthening protein.

Bell peppers

Broccoli contains skin-healthy vitamins, minerals, and carotenoids. Sulforaphane may prevent skin cancer and sunburn.


Cocoa's antioxidants may prevent sunburn. Antioxidants enhance wrinkles, skin thickness, hydration, blood flow, and texture.

Dark chocolate

Tomatoes are rich in vitamin C, carotenoids, and lycopene. Carotenoids reduce UV damage and wrinkles.


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