Peanuts are not just a widespread allergy, but they also tend to be farmed, processed, and kept in a way that makes them susceptible

Allergic reaction.

One spoonful of peanut butter won't harm your heart, but overeating could.


Nut butter is high in calories per volume, so it's easy to eat too much without realising it.

Gain weight

Some traditional peanut butter brands used partly hydrogenated oil, which raises "bad" cholesterol.

Cholesterol levels

Added sugars in peanut butter jars contribute to its addictiveness. This creates a sweeter, unhealthy taste.

more sugar

Peanuts are heart-healthy and beneficial for your waistline since they contain monounsaturated fat.

Heart disease 

Peanut butter, like healthy fats, is abundant in fat-soluble vitamin E.

Skin health

Beta-sitosterol has been demonstrated to correct elevated cortisol levels in endurance athletes during stress.

Stress hormones

The American Heart Association says potassium is crucial for muscle contraction and decreasing blood pressure.

blood pressure

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