The attachment between a youngster and a dog is deep and widespread among pet enthusiasts.


Cats aren't as playful as dogs, but they make terrific pets for kids. Cats are low-maintenance and usually care for themselves.


Most birds are non-threatening and may stay in their cages without causing problems.


A fish is a great toddler pet because it only requires clean water and food on a regular basis. Brightly-colored fish can also entertain your toddler.


A hamster is an excellent first pet if your child will take care of it. A hamster wheel in the pet's cage will keep it busy.


Guinea pigs are easy to handle since they rarely bite. Smart and responsive to your child's behaviours.

Guinea Pigs

Mice don't need much space and are easy to control. Put female mice together and watch them thrive.


After dogs, bunnies are the cutest pets for toddlers.


Turtles are tranquil and calm. Since turtles can stay in one posture for lengthy periods, children often have extensive chats with them.


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