This recipe reimagines the classic oatmeal for Whole30 and paleo diets, and is also vegan and gluten-free. With a strong list of ingredients from flaxseed and chia to almond flour and nuts.

Grain Free Oatmeal

This peanut butter and banana oatmeal recipe has healthy ingredients. It's a quick, healthy breakfast.

 Peanut Butter and Banana

You'll have all the convenience of premade options with overnight oats. Milk, Greek yoghurt, and flax seeds offer protein and fibre. This version is tastier than store-bought

Overnight Cinnamon Roll Oats

This oat recipe uses fresh mango and ginger. Adding pomegranate seeds to your oats will add taste and texture.

Mango-Ginger Overnight Oats

This peanut butter overnight oats recipe will become a favourite. It simply requires five ingredients and pairs well with fresh berries.

Peanut Butter Overnight Oats

Oats and wheat flour add fibre and protein to these pancakes, stabilising blood sugar as your body absorbs the carbs.

Oatmeal Pancakes with Cinnamon Apples

The oats and almonds offer this meal fibre, healthful fat, and antioxidants you wouldn't find in a flour-based crumble, and the crispy topping complements the soft cooked apples.

Apple Crumble

The magic of oatmeal chocolate chip cookies is their chewy texture, created by butter-softened flour and baked oats. Oatmeal is a nutritious dessert component.

Chocolate Chip Cookies

We substitute the second crust with a crunchy covering of oats, almonds, and brown sugar to complement the soft baked apples and boost the dessert's nutrients.

Apple Pie with Crunch Topping

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