Oils aren't refrigerated. Refrigerated oils thicken and cloud. Olive and coconut oils harden at colder temperatures and require longer to liquefy.


Ground or bean coffee shouldn't be refrigerated. Refrigerator or freezer condensation might alter bean flavour. Coffee can absorb fridge odours.


Refrigerated tomatoes lose flavour. The chilly temperature in the fridge ruins tomatoes' texture.The fridge's cool air keeps tomatoes from maturing, which adds taste.


Potato starch quickly changes to sugar when refrigerated, leaving you with a sweet or gritty potato. Potato skin darkens prematurely after cooking, making them unappetizing.


Moisture in the fridge will soften and mould onions. Even if you carefully wrap a chopped onion, its layers will dry out.


Refrigeration turns banana peels brown but not the insides. This makes bananas unappealing. Refrigerator cold slows ripening.


Garlic sprouts when refrigerated. Rubbery and rotten when refrigerated. Airflow is crucial. Unrefrigerated garlic bulbs last two months. Keep garlic cool and dry.


Honey can crystallise in the refrigerator, making it difficult to scoop.Honey can be stored at room temperature and preserved permanently.


Fresh herbs should be kept outside the fridge since they may lose flavour. Refrigerated, they wilt and dry out.

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