Protein intake is crucial.Protein provides critical amino acids that your body can't make, and it's also needed to make protein-derived hormones.

Eat enough protein

Strength training, aerobics, walking, and other exercises may minimise illness risk and slow muscle loss with age.

Regular exercise

Maintaining a healthy weight is vital for hormone health, as obesity can cause hormonal imbalances that impair insulin sensitivity and fertility.

Moderately slim

More than 100 trillion friendly bacteria in your gut produce chemicals that can alter hormone health favourably and negatively. Gut microbiota impacts insulin resistance and fullness.

Digest well

High-sugar diets cause insulin resistance, disturb gut flora, and lower leptin. Sugar reduction may improve hormonal health.

Lower your sugar intake

Natural fats can lower insulin resistance and hunger.Eating good fats can minimise insulin resistance and cortisol.

Consume healthy fats

Getting adequate restful sleep is vital for overall health, regardless of diet or exercise. Poor sleep reduces fullness hormones, increases hunger, stress, and insulin resistance.

 High quality sleep

A Mediterranean-style diet rich in healthy grains, legumes, and fish may help control oestrogen levels.

Mediterranean diet

High fibre consumption improves insulin sensitivity and appetite-regulating hormones.

Follow a high fiber diet

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