Lisianthus blooms annually and is 5 cm across. Its wide, delicate petals come in blue violet, lavender, white, and pastel purple. $10-$35 per bundle.


Sweet-smelling yet toxic lily of the valley. $15-$50 per bundle.

 Lily of the Valley

Hydrangeas are white, violet, light purple, pink, and blue. $6.5 per stem.


Asia and South Africa are the Gloriosa's home. Rare and distinctive, it's pricey. $6-$10 per flower.


The common tulip soared in price in 17th-century Holland. The tulip has been a prestige symbol since its price soared to 5,700 guilders.

 Tulip Bulb

Saffron is used to colour and season various foods. $1200–$1500 per pound.

Saffron Crocus 

This orchid was created by scientists and named for them. It's $200,000. Beauty, rarity, background, and cultivation difficulty drive up the price.

Shenzhen Nongke Orchid

David Austin grew this flower for 15 years. 2006 Chelsea Flower Show was his big debut. It's worth $15.8 million.

Juliet Rose

This rare, unharvestable blossom is precious. Kadupul is a night-blooming cactus.

Kadupul Flower

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