Limiting additional sugar boosts health and immunity. Diabetes patients can have increased blood sugar levels for longer than others.

Added sugar

High-salt diets may promote tissue inflammation and raise the risk of autoimmune disorders.

Salty foods

Fried meals are rich in AGEs (AGEs). AEGs develop during high-temperature cooking, such as frying, when sugars combine with proteins or fats.

Fried foods

More omega-3s and fewer omega-6s may boost immunological function.

Foods high in omega-6 fats

Too much white bread and sugary baked products can impair your immune system. High glycemic foods create a spike in blood sugar and insulin, which can boost free radicals and inflammatory proteins.

Highly refined carbs

High-saturated-fat, low-unsaturated-fat diets cause immunological dysfunction. High saturated fat intake might trigger inflammation and impair immunological function.

Certain high fat foods

Sucralose and saccharin may cause gut microbial imbalances. Overusing artificial sweeteners may harm immunological function, say experts.

Artificially sweetened foods

Fast food and processed foods may induce inflammation, intestinal permeability, and gut bacteria imbalance, which can harm immunological health.

Fast Food

High-processed-meat diets may raise illness risk and impair the immune system.

Charred meats 

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