Just one-half cup of acerola cherries gives 916 percent of the required DV for vitamin C. The fruit may also lower oxidative stress, inflammation, and exercise-induced muscular soreness.

Acerola cherries

Rose hips are tiny, sweet, tart fruits. Vitamin C-rich.100 grammes of rose hips contain 426 mg of vitamin C, or 473% DV

Rose hips

100 grammes of green chilli peppers include 242 mg vitamin C. One green chilli pepper has 121% of the DV, while one red has 72%.

Chili peppers

One guava provides 138% of the DV for vitamin C. It's rich in lycopene.45 young, healthy people ate 400 grammes of peeled guava daily for 6 weeks.


One cup of cooked mustard greens has 117 milligrammes of vitamin C despite cooking's effect.

Mustard spinach

Kiwi eating may boost the immune system and lessen the risk of blood clots and stroke


100 grammes of broccoli has 65 milligrammes vitamin C. One-half cup of steamed broccoli offers 57% of the DV for vitamin C and may lessen inflammatory disease risk.


One medium lemon contains 50% of the DV for vitamin C (53 mg/100g). Vitamin C prevents cut fruits and vegetables from browning.


One cup (145 grammes) of papaya offers 88 mg of vitamin C, which enhances memory and reduces brain inflammation.


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