Lowers cholesterol, prevents diabetes and colon cancer. A regular dosage of fibre moves waste and avoids constipation. Lentils are rich in potassium, folate, and iron.


Small in size and packed in metabolism-boosting protein, these white beans are uber-versatile. And if you're prone to cramping, listen up: A half-cup has more potassium than a medium banana.

Great Northern Beans

Osteoporosis prevention. Protein and fiber-rich black beans Black beans contain resistant starch, which does not raise blood sugar as much as other carbohydrates.

Black Beans

The black-eyed pea is a legume produced for its edible bean. Previte states black-eyed peas are high in iron, B9, and folate.

Black-Eyed Peas

These creamy legumes are mild, adaptable, and high in manganese, copper, and thiamine.

Navy Beans

Common bean variety kidney bean. It's named after the kidney it resembles. Red kidney beans aren't like other red beans.

Red Kidney Beans

Chickpeas and other pulses may help avoid chronic diseases when eaten as part of a balanced plant-rich diet. magnesium and potassium are heart-healthy. They improve insulin sensitivity, cholesterol, and gut health.

Garbanzo Beans

Nutritional cannellini beans. Fat-free, high in fibre, folate, iron, and magnesium. 1/4 cup has 11g protein. Including dry

Cannellini Beans

A half-cup portion of green peas has 4 grammes of protein, 14 percent DV fibre, and only 67 calories. Pea protein is used in alternative milks and yoghurts .

Green Peas

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