Corn is abundant in fibre and lutein and zeaxanthin, two eye-healthy carotenoids.Corn is abundant in fibre and antioxidant carotenoids lutein and zeaxanthin.


Sorghum is a grain and animal feed. It's used to make sorghum syrup and alcohol.Sorghum's plant components lower inflammation and blood sugar.


Quinoa is a popular gluten-free grain. It's versatile and high in fibre and protein.
It's one of the healthiest grains, including antioxidants that may minimise illness risk.


Healthful oats. They're a good source of oat beta-glucan, a healthy soluble fibre.Beta-glucan reduced LDL (bad) and total cholesterol without changing HDL (good) cholesterol.


Buckwheat is rich in antioxidants and has been related with reductions in heart disease risk factors, such as sblood cholesterol levels.


Amaranth was a staple in Inca, Maya, and Aztec cultures. It's a healthy, nutrient-dense grain .


Teff is a tiny grain strong in fibre and protein. Both nutrients are healthy and required.


Brown rice is abundant in fibre and reduces the risk of diabetes, weight gain, and heart disease.

 Brown rice

Flax flour from ground flax seeds is used as a binder in tiny doses. Flax flour is nutrient-dense like chia flour. It can replace xanthan gum like chia.


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