Wild salmon is another protein-rich, low-carb dish like ground chicken. Wild salmon contains omega-3s, a beneficial lipid that fights metabolism-slowing inflammation.

Wild Salmon

Ground chicken is a lean, flexible, carb-free protein source. Ground chicken tacos or chilli have no empty carbohydrates.

Ground Chicken

Extra virgin olive oil has no carbs, sugar, or fibre, yet you shouldn't overlook it. EVOO boosts adiponectin levels and provides heart-healthy monounsaturated fats. Coconut, flaxseed, and walnut oils have similar health benefits.

 Olive Oil

A 50-gram hard-boiled egg has less than 1 gramme of carbohydrates and is high in protein. Eggs provide amino acids, antioxidants, and healthful fats.

Boiled Egg

One ounce of Parmesan has 31% of your daily calcium needs. Blue cheese, cheddar cheese, goat, feta, Swiss, and asiago are also low-carb possibilities, but consume them in moderation as they're caloric.

Parmesan Cheese

One cup of celery has extremely few calories and carbohydrates. Celery stalks can be bland when eaten alone, but hummus, almond, or peanut butter provide flavour and fat-blasting fibre and healthy fats.


One serving of walnuts, around 1/4 cup chopped, has 4 grammes of carbohydrates. Almonds, cashews, and Brazil nuts are low-carb and high-fiber.


Kidney beans are low in carbs and high in fibre, making them a great weight-loss food. Beans promote satiety and control blood sugar.

Kidney Beans

Cauliflower is one of the few white foods that is nutrient-rich. The cruciferous veggie (which can be converted into "rice") is abundant in vitamins C and B and fibre.


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