Raspberries are one of the highest-fiber fruits you can find in the produce department, containing 8 grammes per 1 cup. They are filled with small seeds.


Almonds have the same amount of fibre as oatmeal, yet I consume more than 3 tablespoons at once! taub-dix Almonds are high in calcium, 


Not many people use lentils in their weekly meals, although they're healthful, affordable, adaptable, and high in nutritional fibre.


Creamy and delicious, everyone's favourite healthy fat for toast or eggs also contains 5 grammes of fibre. Soluble and insoluble fibre are present.


Taub-Dix thinks legumes and pulses are nutritious powerhouses. These foods include fibre, plant protein, and minerals.


Veggies... Navy beans are high-fiber legumes. 19 grammes per cup. Navy beans' fibre helps battle metabolic syndrome.

Navy beans

chia seeds provide 10 grammes of fibre per 2 tablespoons, more than flaxseeds, explains Ehsani. "Chia seeds are high in soluble fibre, omega 3 fats, and protein"

Chia seeds

7 g fiber/serving, This veggie is high in fibre. It's also healthy. It may decrease cholesterol and blood pressure.


Serving fibre: 6 g (1 medium pear) Pears are delicious and fiber-rich. Pears are a low-glycemic fruit that can lessen diabetes risk.


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