They're fast, and their lofty stature looks gorgeous as they go 45 mph.


Running is ancient. This sighthound was bred to catch rabbits, but it's also a good family pet.


Afghan Hound goes 40 mph. This one's fur blows in the wind as it races by.

Afghan Hound

Medium-sized Vizslas are rock-solid. This skinny dog can point, retrieve, swim, and be your greatest friend.


Whippets can average 34 mph and reach 40 mph.


The Jack Russell Terrier may be best. Most hunters who need a dog can travel 38 mph.

Jack Russell Terrier

Dalmation's 37-mph trot may be passing him. This 16th-century breed is a trusted companion and protector.


Borzoi's speed and agility boost his popularity. This dog can cruise at 36 mph while its fur flutters.


Border Collies make terrific pets and farmhands. This medium-sized dog works and plays.

Border Collie

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