Decaf coffee doesn't increase metabolism. Adding cream or sugar increases its calorie content, which may counteract caffeine's metabolism-boosting effects.


Iron-rich spinach, kale, and other greens may increase metabolism. Iron aids metabolism, growth, and development.

Leafy greens

Broccoli's glucoraphanin may boost metabolism. Glucoraphanin "retunes" metabolism, lowers blood fat, and reduces age-related illnesses.


Brazil nuts are rich in selenium, a vital mineral for metabolism, reproduction, and immunity. Protein and healthy fats make them filling.

Brazil nuts

Green tea's health advantages have gained prominence in recent years. Green tea extract (GTE) may boost fat metabolism at rest and during exercise, according to research.

Green Tea

Trusted Source studied ginger's effects on overweight people's weight loss and metabolism. The spice may lower body weight and fasting glucose levels while raising "good" cholesterol (HDL)


Fresh or dried chilli peppers might boost metabolism and satiety. Capsaicin in peppers has many health benefits.

Chili peppers

Protein-rich lentils may boost metabolism. They include fibre to feed intestinal microbes.


Flaxseeds are protein-rich, vitamin-rich seeds. Some people take flaxseeds for their health benefits.


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