Alcoholic drinks include ethanol, a substance created by fermenting grains, fruits, or other sugar sources. Alcoholism


Vodka is a transparent distillate. Polish, Russian, and Swedish versions exist. Vodka contains water, ethanol, and sometimes contaminants and flavourings. Distilled from fermented cereal grains.


Coffee is produced from roasted coffee beans, the seeds of Coffea berry berries.


Each additional daily 12-ounce serving of sugary drinks (like soda) increased the chance of mortality from any cause by 7%, from cancer by 5%, and from cardiovascular disease by 10%. 


Harvard researchers found that drinking sports drinks raises the risk of heart disease and cancer, including breast and colon cancer.

Sports Drink

This sugary drink's artificial sweeteners can reduce your life expectancy.

Sweetened Iced Tea

Diet soda may be less calorically destructive than regular soda, but it can be just as (or more) damaging to one's health.

Diet Soda

If you want to live a long, healthy life, avoid any sugary drinks. Fruit juices may look healthier than sodas, but they're often just as sweet (and dangerous).

Fruit Juice

According to a study in The Independent, eating too much protein reduces your quality of life and causes early mortality. BCAA supplements cause death.

Protein Shakes

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