Water is a vital nutrient. It's a medium for most enzymatic and chemical bodily reactions, including metabolic energy production.


ACV is a superfood. Some minor studies suggest it may have weight-loss-inducing qualities, although the jury's still out on that.

Apple cider vinegar

Grapefruit juice may aid weight loss. U.C. Berkeley fed high-fat mice pulp-free grapefruit juice. Water was given to the control group of mice.

Grapefruit juice

While some fruits contain a lot of sugar, drinking vegetable juice instead of fruit juice may be an excellent strategy to prevent weight gain while still satisfying your hunger.

Vegetable Juice

Green tea's strong antioxidant and catechin content boosts metabolism, claims a Detroit dietitian and nutritionist.

Green tea

UCLA researchers found black tea may aid weight loss. Black (and green) tea lowered obesity-related gut bacteria while increased lean body mass bacteria.

Black tea

This may sound unusual, but it's delicious and burns fat, explains Balance One's Trisha Best. It helps the body's cells respond to glucose and insulin, stabilising blood sugar.

Cumin water

A cup of ginger tea every day can assist health in many ways, including weight loss, says Natural Grocers' Aryn Doll.It boosts metabolism and suppresses appetite.

Ginger tea

One cup of pure coconut water has 46 calories, thus replacing juice, soda, or lattes with it can lead to weight loss.

Coconut water

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