Beagles are hounds and good hunters, but they also have a soft side. They're loved for their gentle nature.


Short and stocky bodies make Basset Hound ears look longer. Their ears flop widely past their shoulders, framing their long, narrow snouts.

Basset Hound

Weimaraners, also dubbed "Gray Ghosts," are blue-eyed dogs. Their dignity has made them royal favourites as hunting companions.


English and American Cocker Spaniels have long ears, while the American breed's are longer. Once coveted for bird hunting, Cocker Spaniels now appear at dog shows.

Cocker Spaniel

The Papillon's ears aren't long, but their hair gives them a long-eared appearance. Their name means "butterfly" in French.


Dachshunds aren't typical "long-eared" dogs. Because of their small heads, the ears dwarf other head features. Doxies have long ears.


The Saluki is a preferred breed since it's quiet and gentle. Long, velvety ears give the hound-type Saluki charm and grace.


Though their professional past makes them strong-willed and naughty, they calm down if kept as pets. They're smart and methodical, except while herding.

English Setter

Irish Setters are like English and Gordon Setters, but less forceful. They can be stubborn, but are typically amiable dogs that learn rapidly.

Irish Setter

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