The Basenji resembles dogs on Egyptian pharaohs' tombstones. Before the 1980s, American Basenjis lacked brindle markings.


Boxers are popular in North America and often have brindle markings. Boxers are fun-loving, energetic, intelligent, and affectionate.


Common are brindle cairn terriers. Because of their wiry, shaggy coat, the pattern isn't as apparent as on short-coated breeds. As dogs age, their colour tones fade. They're confident, bright, and loving.

Cairn Terrier

The Cardigan Welsh corgi is one of the oldest breeds from the British Isles. Crossing these dogs with the extinct brindle herder may have introduced the brindle gene.

Cardigan Welsh Corgi

Only brindle-marked Dutch shepherds exist. Usually silver or red-gold. The breed standard modified in the early 20th century to separate them from the German shepherd and Belgian Malinois.

Dutch Shepherd

French bulldogs are popular in the U.S. and often have brindle markings. Their unusual appearance and silly, welcoming natures boost their popularity.

French Bulldog

Great Danes' coats include brindle. These large dogs are amiable and ready to please. Despite their size, they get along with kids and pets.

Great Dane

Greyhounds' short coats let their brindle markings stand out. Despite their speed, these friendly dogs make great housemates.


Giant mastiffs with brindle markings are gentle. Mastiffs are affectionate, calm, protective, and loyal despite their size.


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