Leek greens make up more than a third of the vegetable. Chop them into bite-size pieces and heat until soft. I usually stir-fry them. Add them to soups, stews, sauces, frittata, and quiche.

Leek tops

Some kale types are quite stemmy. These tough stems can be cooked finely. Add to soup or sauce. They won't know.

 Kale stems

potatoes organic The peeled skins can be refrigerated, but I feel they have the nicest texture if fried right away.

 Potato skins

Summertime watermelon is a beloved treat, but the rinds are usually thrown.Pickle watermelon rinds for a crispy snack.

Watermelon rinds pickled

Bone broth is a warm, comforting alternative to coffee or tea and adds flavour to soup, stew, stuffing, and gravy.

Bone broth

Leafy greens like kale and collards have fibrous stems. Stems from lush greens make a tasty, nutrient-rich side dish.

Greens stems saute

Putting vegetable stems in water can help you save money and reduce waste.You may produce cabbage, celery, green onions, and leeks, among others.

Water-grow vegetables

They're edible, healthful, and adaptable. They can be used in many recipes.Add the leaves to salad, soup, pesto, or hummus.

Save the leaves of beets, carrots, and radishes

Apple and orange peels can be saved to make jam. Fruit peel jam tops healthful sweets like chia pudding and yoghurt bowls.

Make peel jam

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