Siberian huskies may be the first blue-eyed dog breed you think of. These beautiful dogs have icy-blue eyes like their home tundra. They can have brown or heterochromatic eyes.

Siberian Husky

Weimaraners have silver-gray coats and lively, loving personalities. Their amber or blue eyes match their silver-gray coat.


These bright dogs have a piercing gaze. Border collies have brown, gold, or blue eyes. Merle-coated border collies have blue eyes.

Border Collie

Merle Australian shepherds sometimes have blue eyes. These dogs often have blue and brown eyes.

Australian Shepherd

Blue eyes are attractive, but not ideal in show dachshunds. Merle-coated Doxies often have blue-eye variations, such as whole blue, one blue and one brown, or both.


They have short legs, long bodies, and huge, upright ears. Cardigan Welsh corgis can have stunning blue eyes.

Cardigan Welsh Corgi

A Great Dane with blue eyes is especially striking. Most Great Dane puppies' blue eyes develop to brown. Harlequin and merle Great Danes always have baby blues.

Great Dane

The pit bull's blue eyes change as it matures. Blue-eyed pit bulls with blue, grey, or brindle coats are mature.

Pit Bull

Alaskan klee kai looks like a small husky, but it was developed for friendship, not work. A klee kai's eyes might be blue, brown, hazel, or green.

Alaskan Klee Kai

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