"Beets contain nitrates, which the body converts to nitric oxide. This dilates blood vessels, increasing blood flow and nutrient delivery to muscle cells. 

Beet Juice

Tomatoes and tomato juice may speed muscle recovery. Tomato juice reduced muscle damage markers in a study.


Thanks to its high levels of polyphenols, tart cherry juice can reduce muscle soreness and help athletes recover faster after workouts. 

Tart cherry juice

 In a 24-hour study, watermelon juice reduced muscle soreness and heart recovery. Salads, nut butter sandwiches, smoothies, and muesli all benefit from watermelon "Nutrition Twins


Brandon Nicholas, CPT of The Fitness Tribe recommends oatmeal for weight loss. "Eating oatmeal for breakfast boosts energy and provides hours of fuel for optimal physical performance. 


Blueberries improve health through exercise. "Blueberries are the healthiest fruit, but all fruits have beneficial nutrients. 


Olives are high in fat and low in carbs, making them a good keto pre-workout snack. Low-carb training can help the body burn more fat during workouts, reducing reliance on sugar and increasing metabolic flexibility.


Most athletes and active people know protein is important for muscle growth and recovery, but fat is essential for healthy hormone levels. 

Fatty Fish

"Avocados are a superfood. It's a great post-workout snack because it has more potassium than bananas "Marcellus She notes that the fatty fruit also improves heart health, digestion, mood, and blood pressure. 


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