According to experts, drinking hot water in the morning may help you lose weight. It clears the intestines, eliminates bloating, and reduces water weight through bowel contractions.

Weight loss

Hot water improves blood flow through arteries and veins, like a warm bath. Improved blood flow can reduce blood pressure and heart disease risk.


Hot water helps teeth. Cold water can cause tooth fillings to fall off and crack. Warm water is also recommended by some.

Dental Health

Hot water dilates intestinal blood vessels, aiding digestion. This is particularly noticeable in the morning. Hot water emulsifies lipids, which improves digestion.


Hot water promotes blood flow, relaxing muscles, whereas cold water contracts them. Muscle relaxation helps with menstruation cramps and arthritis. It aids sleep.

Muscle Relief

Although not the aim of the study, researchers found that drinking hot water boosted mood.


Hot water elevates core temperature and stimulates the endocrine system. This causes perspiration and skin toxin release.


Hot water reduces LES resting pressure, aids LES relaxing, shortens esophageal body contraction length, and relieves symptoms. Therefore, achalasia patients should avoid cold food.


Hot water (140°F and above) can burn your tongue, taste buds, and organs. It hurts and raises cancer risk.


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