Argan oil contains healthy fats linoleic and oleic. Vitamin E is abundant. Argan oil contains good for skin, hair, and eyes. This vitamin is anti-oxidant.

Although additional research is required, preliminary findings suggest that many components found in argan oil may help lower oxidative stress and inflammation.

Argan oil contains monounsaturated omega-9 fat oleic acid. Oleic acid is found in avocado and olive oils and has heart-protective properties.

Argan oil prevents diabetes. Argan oil reduced fasting blood sugar and insulin resistance in rats fed a high-sugar diet.

Argan oil may decrease cancer cell proliferation.Test-tube research used argan oil polyphenols on prostate cancer cells. Comparatively, the extract suppressed cancer cell proliferation by 50%.

Argan oil is a popular skin-care component. When applied directly to the skin, it may help skin healing and maintenance, decreasing ageing indications.

Argan oil is claimed to prevent and minimise stretch marks, although no research has proven its effectiveness.No topical therapy is proven to reduce stretch marks.

 Argan oil can heal acne, but no scientific evidence exists. The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory components in argan oil may alleviate acne-related redness and inflammation.

As argan oil becomes more popular, it's easier to use in your health and beauty routine. It's sold at grocery stores, drugstores, and online.

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