Kittens and senior cats sleep more than teens. If your cat sleeps too much or too little, ask your vet what's normal for his breed, age, activity level, and size.

Cats enjoy napping

Grooming removes filth and grime from cats' fur and hides them from predators and prey.

Cats love grooming

You wouldn't eat spoiled food for dinner. Cats are similar. Stale and rotten food can grow mould and host Salmonella and Staphylococcus.

Cats love fresh, healthy food

Cats will drink from running faucets anytime they can.

Cats love water running

Cats scrape and claw to sharpen their claws. They also love it.

Cats scratch and claw

Cats play from kittenhood to old age. Cats may play with everything from lint to fancy cat toys, but it's important for their health and development.

Daily playtime delights cats

Some cats can spend hours a day watching birds, either as prey or because of their activity.

Cats love watching birds

Cats are frequently portrayed as reclusive, but they need human affection, attention, and company.

Cats adore people

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