To perform the knee-to-chest stretch, begin by reclining on your back. While doing so, pull one or both knees to your chest, and then hold this position.


To perform the trunk rotation stretch, keep your knees together and bring them up toward your chest. Then, while maintaining the position, roll your knees to either side in a slow and gentle manner.

 Trunk rotation

To perform the cat-cow stretch, start by assuming the cat stance, which involves arching your back, and then go into the cow pose by allowing your pelvis to fall forward.

Cat-cow stretch

Contraction of the abdominal muscles and rotation of the pelvis toward the ceiling can help you bring your back into a flat position against the floor.

Pelvic tilt

Hook a towel over your heels while seated on the floor to stretch your hamstrings and lower back.

Seat forward bend

Slowly twist your upper body backwards by touching your shoulder blade to the floor to stretch your lower back.

 Flexion rotation

Supported bridge: Use a foam roller or hard cushion. Supported elevation decompresses the lower back. Relax after placing a foam roller or hard pillow beneath your hips.

Supported bridge

Using a rolled towel, the belly flop exercise decompresses your lower back. Lie face-up on a rolled-up towel or blanket under your hip bones and relax.

Belly flops

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