Finches are good for folks who like viewing birds but not handling them. They're skittish and prefer finches over humans.


Canaries are recognised for their brilliant plumage and lovely singing. Small finches don't like being handled.


Budgerigars are little birds with enormous personalities. Budgies are one of the tiniest parrots that can converse.


Parrotlets don't realise how small they are. Parrotlets have bold, humorous personalities and crave attention, like their Amazon parrot relative.


Bourke's parakeets are calm. These Australian natives bond closely with their humans and finches.

Bourke's Parakeet

Lovebirds flourish when paired up. A single bird can thrive with attentive care. Lovebirds don't enjoy being alone and may bite if neglected.


Green-cheeked conures are renowned for their playful, friendly nature, but they need proper handling to avoid behavioural problems.

Green-Cheeked Conure

Cockatiels are sociable Australian birds. When socialised, they're peaceful, people-loving birds. They're quiet, yet they can whistle well.


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