8 Side effects of Eating Stawberry

Everyone appreciates the flavour of the absolutely sweet strawberry However, not many people know that like anything in our world, excessive consumption of strawberries can be damaging to the health

Strawberry contains histamine, which can produce dizziness, nausea, and itching. Strawberry allergies should avoid the fruit.

Raw strawberries are high in fibre. Just a cup of strawberries provides enough fibre. Too much fibre can inhibit nutrition absorption and harm the body.

Most commercially grown strawberries may include pesticides. It's toxic if consumed.

Strawberry's potassium content makes it heart-healthy. If you're on heart medication, extra potassium can injure your kidneys.

If you eat a strawberry that has only partially ripened or one that is unripe, you run the risk of experiencing a scorching sensation in your mouth. Be very careful when handling the uncooked strawberries.

Strawberry allergy symptoms can vary. You may get a rash, oral sores, or anaphylaxis.

Even if strawberries aren't in your diet, you may be allergic. A strawberry used to adorn a chocolate cake may cause an allergic reaction even if you didn't eat it.

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