Budgies have a broad bird vocabulary. Budgies may learn numerous words despite their gravelly sounds.


African greys are highly intelligent and have vocabularies of hundreds of words.

African Grey

Amazon parrots may communicate clearly and have pleasant voices. Intelligent, lively birds who crave attention.

Amazon Parrot

Indian ringneck parakeets memorise both lengthy and short sentences. They're clear-spoken. Religious leaders in India noticed ringnecks repeating their prayers centuries ago.

Indian Ringneck Parakeet

Quaker parrots, often called monk parakeets, are forbidden in several U.S. areas because wild flocks are invasive. Check local rules if you wish to adopt one.

Quaker Parrot

Eclectus parrots learn human language. These amiable, gentle birds thrive on human interaction.


Cockatoos can learn language. Caregivers can plan to spend hours each day interacting with their gregarious, affectionate, and occasionally needy birds.


Blue-and-gold macaws learn words more easily than others. Macaws are boisterous, unintelligible talkers.


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