Doves are amiable birds who like interacting with their caretakers and entertaining themselves.


Finches don't need handling or out-of-cage playing if they have a large fly cage and loving flockmates. Most finches prefer other finches to humans.


Canaries are another good alternative for hands-off bird lovers. Each type of canary requires particular care.


Budgies bond with their caretakers and enjoy attention. They're easier to occupy than larger animals.


Cockatiels need out-of-cage playtime like budgies. They're not as demanding as larger parrots. They can busy themselves for hours in a big enclosure with toys.


Lovebirds are another small, low-maintenance parrot species. Single lovebirds can do OK with a few hours a day of caretaker involvement.


Pionus parrots are known for being loyal but independent. This keeps them happy when left alone for hours.

Pionus Parrot

Lineolated parakeets are one of the calmest parrots. They need several hours of daily connection with their carers if they don't have other bird friends.

Lineolated Parakeet

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