These gregarious birds can get stressed if neglected.

Male Eclectus

Budgies are smart, gregarious, and easy to care for. Comparatively little, kids need lots of mental and physical exercise.


Small lovebirds have enormous personalities. Well-socialized lovebirds are affectionate as their name suggests.


Hormonal aggression causes ringnecks to "bluff" during adolescence. They're smart birds that need mental and physical stimulation.

Indian Ringneck Parakeet

Small, feisty green-cheeked conures have green plumage with grey, red, and blue. They enjoy to play and socialise with their caretakers.

Green-Cheeked Conure

Amazon parrots are the largest green parrots. Blue-fronted, yellow-naped, and double yellow-headed Amazons are species.

Amazon Parrot

Parrotlets are little, combative birds nicknamed "pocket parrots." They want attention but need regular handling to stay tame because they are snappy when left alone.

Pacific Parrotlet

Quaker parrots, often called monk parakeets, are outgoing birds who appreciate human interaction.

Quaker Parrot

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