Syrian hamsters are also called golden or teddy bear hamsters. They're reclusive and need their own space.

Syrian Hamster

Some dwarf hamsters can live in same-sex pairs or small groups. Up to 3 years.

Dwarf Hamster

Chinese hamsters are little, but not dwarfs. They're uncommon as pets. Some folks may find them too little and quick to handle.

Chinese Hamster

Mice can grow tame if handled often, despite being frightened. Many learn to eat from caregivers' hands. They average 1-3 years.

Fancy Mouse

Rats live 2–4 years on average. They're social, so keep same-sex pairs. Regular handling makes them tame and social.

Common Rat

Guinea pigs live 5–7 years. Even when stressed, they rarely bite. Same-sex couples work nicely for these gregarious creatures.

Guinea Pig

Active and playful, chinchillas resemble rabbits. Mostly nocturnal, they prefer a peaceful daytime setting.


The African dormouse is an interesting, squirrel-like rodent. They need a secure habitat because they're so swift and nimble.

African Dormouse

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