Busy bird lovers can care for finches. Finches don't need much human involvement as pets.


Canaries prefer to be left alone, like other finches. Canaries are solitary and do well alone or in couples.


Quiet and gentle doves need daily play and interaction. They're fine in their cage as long as they can exercise.


Budgies (or parakeets) are little parrots with personality. While small, they demand play and socialisation.


Intelligent cockatiels build close ties with their owners. You must connect with your bird daily or it may become depressed or pick its feathers.


Without regular handling, lovebirds can become snappy. Daily interaction with your bird is required.


Pionus parrots are pleasant and independent with their caretakers. They're incredibly energetic and need three hours of daily out-of-cage exercise.


Bourke's parakeets are placid and quiet compared to other parakeets. They're most active around dawn and dusk and then love to relax.

Bourke's Parakeet

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