These little birds chirp all day, but they rarely bother neighbours. Even though they're active, they don't need vast enclosures.


Canaries' small size makes them great apartment pets, albeit they dislike being handled. Their little voices are hard to hear from a distance.


Finches are frail, shy pets like canaries. Their little voices don't carry as well as larger birds' throughout the day.


The Akita is a huge dog breed from northern Japan's mountainous regions. There are two distinct Akita breeds: the Japanese Akita Inu (or Japanese Akita) and the American Akita.


Parrotlets can't screech like other parrots. Their mild chirps don't even bother picky neighbours.


These birds are friendly and don't bite. They need a large enclosure and out-of-cage fun.

Pionus Parrot

Bourke's parakeets are calm Australian birds. They're only somewhat active, but they like to fly for a few hours a day.

Bourke's Parakeet

Senegal parrots are calm and quiet, unlike many parrots. These birds bond with one person and need daily family engagement.

Senegal Parrot

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